Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6 weeks

Livy is 6-weeks old tomorrow. Somedays, it seems like she's either sleeping or crying. But then there's today, where she fell asleep in my arms, and I'm really thankful for what an easy baby she is. Honestly, I bet she sleeps 18 hours a day still. She's starting to smile a bit and is holding her head up. And gosh, she's getting big. I think she grew 3-4 inches and packed on 2-3 pounds last night. :)

I've started the Couch to 5k. I'm registering for the Turkey Trot in Prior Lake on Nov 19, so I have to be able to run that far. Losing this baby weight isn't going to be easy; here's hoping running helps.

Ivy started preschool last week. She's going two mornings a week. So far, she loves it. The first day, she told me her favorite part was jumping on the trampoline. Yesterday, she liked going to the playground. She's doing swimming lessons again--she's the only one in her class. She's learning back stroke and breast stroke. It's fun to watch her excel and soak up the encouragement of her teacher.

Jamey & Ivy had their first dental cleanings last week. We decided that Jamey's front tooth (and the extra one next to it) had to come out. He had a couple weeks in Jan/Feb that he fell constantly knocking those teeth loose. We took him to a dentist in FL who said they'll either tighten up or fall out and not to worry about it. Well, they got infected and were in danger of damaging his permanent teeth. So he had two teeth removed the other day. He was super psyched about eating all the popsicles he wanted while the novacaine wore off. He's doing swimming lessons, too. He has two other kids in his class. He loves doing whatever the teacher tells him. And he's an awesome back-floater.

My sister has moved in with us while she attends law school. It's going super great. In between class, homework, working, and running, she manages to entertain the kids and empty the dishwasher. She's currently vegetarian, so I'm trying to think of different things for dinners. I really hate cooking.

Ugh! I was not prepared for how chilly 50 degrees would feel. Our poor kids have three pairs of pants and two sweatshirts. Don't get me wrong, I love the cooler weather. I was just taken by surprise.