Thursday, November 10, 2011

3 months

Livy is three months old now (looks like I should update a bit more often).

She's as cute as ever. She talks to Jeremy a lot. She loves sitting up and having Jamey & Ivy play with her.

Jamey likes to paint every day. And read books. And play with his cars & trains. He is not fond of being outside in the cold. Winter is going to be a shock for him.

Ivy loves to hold our baby. She doesn't ever want to go to preschool--I think she has fun when she's there, but she never wants to go.

Ivy & Jamey are still swimming every week. Jamey asks to go to "swimming wessons" every morning. And we go to the library every week--the love picking out a million books themselves.

I've been running a few time a week, and we're planning out the 2012 training & racing calendar. So far, we're both running the Fargo 13.1 together. I'm planning on doing the Twin Cities Marathon. Jeremy is eyeing the Liberty 70.3 in June.

We're keeping busy and having fun.