Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review - Iron War

July Book

Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen & the Greatest Race Ever Run
by Matt Fitzgerald
Kindle version

I think I don't like one thing about the Kindle: no pictures or limited pictures, and not seeing the cover of the book. Other than that, it's great. Handy!

I did not really like this book though. There was just a lot of sciencey triathlon information that I was bored by. I liked the stories of Mark Allen and Dave Scott, but the rest of the book, not so much. 

But I did figure out where Mark Allen Online tri team comes from :) 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Fun Meet

Ivy & Jamey swam in an "Olympic Fun Meet" at Foss on Saturday. It was "olympic" because the Olympics are going on and instead of getting ribbons, all the kids got gold medals.

Ivy swam freestyle, backstroke, and breast stroke. Jamey did freestyle and backstroke.

Trying to get a "before the race" picture

Jamey's freestyle

Taking a "back breath"

Ivy finished first for freestyle

Jamey's finishing up the back stroke

Getting race instructions from Dad

Ivy's back stroke

Ivy's breast stroke

We got medals!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Corn on the Cob

I found this great simple site that gives very good directions for cooking corn on the cob. I especially like the boiling instructions.

Makes excellent corn every single time.

Friday, July 20, 2012

An author in the family

My brother-in-law, Marc Stone, is about to publish his first book of poetry. Instead of trying to rewrite the information he sent me, I'll just pass on exactly what he said. 

I am pleased to announce that Main Street Rag Publishing Company has decided to publish my book, Diminishment, a collection of poems under the theme indicated by its title.  My poetry has been published in numerous literary journals and magazines across the U.S. in the past few years, but this is my first book.  Main Street Rag Publishing Company is one of the most well-respected and prolific literary presses in North America, and I am honored that its publisher and editors have offered me this opportunity.
Here are two early reviews of the book by the editors-in-chief of two well-known literary journals:
Marc Stone writes smart poetry, poetry that invites you to read again—and again—with new rewards each time. His collection, Diminishment,navigates modern life with the enthusiasm of an adventurer while deftly avoiding cynicism and sentimentality on the journey. Stone’s language is pure jazz—it dizzies the reader in the best ways.  At the core, these poems are sharp and the poet’s voice sure, pushing us on until something deep and human emerges. I highly recommend!
                                                                                            Connie Everett, Editor, Pudding Magazine
As a poet, we’ve found that Marc Stone is able to convey his extraordinary vision forcefully and poignantly.  Now, in Diminishment, we see again how Stone’s mastery of poetic language is striking and moves the reader to contemplation and introspection.  His words and themes speak straight to the mind and heart at once.  
                                                                                            Robert Lundin, Editor, The Awakenings Review
The book is scheduled for release November 20, 2012 and will sell for $11 plus shipping, but you can get it now for $6.50 plus shipping by placing an Advance Discount order from the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore.  You can order by directly visiting my Author’s Page:
or by visiting the Main Street Rag Bookstore “Coming Soon” section: 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sadly, today was our last day with the Florida Cousins. I have no idea what we're going to do with ourselves now that they're gone. After a low-key morning, we headed over to the Mall of America for the afternoon. And then we swam the hotel and went back to the MOA for dinner at Rainforest Cafe.

Balloons at Old Navy

Macho Men



Someone may have fibbed and told our server that it was Amy's birthday.

Jeremy thought it was HILARIOUS!

A Blue Sky Company

A favorite thing we like to do is buy artwork and crafts from people we know. We have photography from Jeremy's dad hanging in the dining room; I have stitching my sister did for the kitchen; we have a painting Jeremy's mom did years ago.

My new favorite artist is my cousin Amy. She has a great Etsy shop: A Blue Sky Company. She is so creative and talented. She paints, she sews, she repurposes cigar boxes, she knits. The items she has posted are gorgeous. And she's been known to do some custom orders. :)

The Upcycled Cigar Boxes are our kids' favorite things. Ivy & Jamey call them "treasure boxes." Ivy keeps her jewelry and special things in hers. Jamey, so far, has filled his with rocks and Matchbox cars. I will be ordering these boxes as Christmas gifts. (Be prepared Amy!)

Here are a few things she's made for us.

She painted these letters when Livy was born. 
They're Olivia the Pig and just perfect in her room. 

I got this Kindle case, which I love so much. 

Ivy's beach themed treasure box

The outside of Jamey's box

The inside of Jamey's box

Livy's flower treasure box--hers has some earrings in it :) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Z is for zoo

We spent all afternoon at the zoo today. We love the zoo!! And, after walking through the Butterfly Garden, we're going to plant our own butterfly garden next spring. I have some research to do. :)

Again, hard to get anyone to look at the camera.

Watching the penguins

Giant Tortoises

The "new" coral reef

The bear!!!

The indoor playground

Because it was hotter than Florida hot on Sunday, we took the kids to Edinborough Park to run off all their energy for the day. As you can tell, it was impossible to get a decent picture. :) 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lifetime Tri Review

We went up to Lake Nokomis this morning to cheer on Jeremy, Auntie Amy, and our friend Eric from CA.

From a spectator's standpoint: this was not a great race. It was impossible to find parking. We just had to park in the neighborhood around the lake. So, we ended up parking about two miles away. Not a fun walk after standing out in the sun for three hours. With 5 kids under 10 yrs old. Also, it was hard to navigate the race area. Everything was blockaded off, so we always had to walk up and around and back and down and across. Also not easy with 5 kids under 10 and a jogger.

Good things: three bounce houses. face painting. ice cream. EXCELLENT!! LOVED that part.

After the race, we had Super Dragon at the cabin and then played in the lake.

We've just parked and are ready to walk to the lake.

Waiting to see Jeremy & Amy at "bike out"

It has been a long wait. 

Hot and tired

Jamey was more interested in the post-race snacks.

Our racers!

Our friend Ashley from CA. 

Melting heart :) 

Snacks after hours of swimming

Ready for dinner and dry clothes

Sitting in the porch