Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sad happy day

I walked into the dealership in Brooklyn Center after about two years of test driving cars, knowing exactly what I wanted. I drove out about two hours later with my Santa Fe. It had 14 miles on it, including the seven from my test drive.

And now it's gone. Sold to a college kid who's ecstatic to have his own vehicle big enough to haul everything in his dorm room and a bike.

I have tucked every insurance card into my "to scrap book" bin, and I said a tearful good bye on my last drive. That was the first car I bought myself. I think Jeremy and I drove it on our first date; it hauled our wedding gifts to the house from Osakis; we brought the kiddos home from the hospital in it.

It'll be weird walking out the garage and not ever seeing it again. But soon, in it's place will sit a hot new car. Maybe a minivan or maybe an SUV or maybe a Vespa. Can I get car seats on a scooter?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Into everything today

Ivy learned how to open her dresser drawers today. She's emptied her socks, undies, and swimming suits onto the living room floor. This afternoon, she brought me her charm bracelet, Dedication Necklace, and 15 pairs of earrings.

While I was in the bathroom this morning, both kids emptied the toy bins in Jamey's room. I still haven't picked up the cars, blocks, and animals.

And now while I've been cooking potatoes for dinner, I see the kiddos have colored the tile floor in their bathroom. As Ivy said, "Isn't the colors beautiful, Mommy?"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bridal Shower

Ally is officially welcomed to the Paradee Family. The four sisters hosted a bridal shower for her at my mom's house.

My mom read her this "welcome to the family" poem, and she gave Levi's baby book to Ally.

I just gave her a mop.

Jamey's 15-month appt

Our boy is 26 pounds and 33 inches.

When I knew we'd be back in MN for bridal showers, I scheduled Jamey's 15-month appt with our regular pediatrician. I'm dreading the task of finding a doctor in Florida.

Ivy went shopping with Bethany during the appt mostly because she had fallen asleep in the car.

I enjoyed seeing Dr. Aronson and Nurse Sarah. And when Ivy came to pick us up, she ran back and gave Sarah a huge hug and even chatted with the Dr. for a few minutes.

I'm thankful for a great relationship with the clinic, and maybe I'll think of a reason to go back in Sept so we can do Ivy's 3 year and Jamey's 18 mo appts there too. :)

Getting to MN

It was so good to be in Minnesota again. We stepped off the plane at 10:45 am in jeans and short sleeve shirts and immediately started shivering. I can't believe how cold 45 degrees feels after six weeks of no temps lower than 70.

The plane ride was horrific. Ivy sat still for 45 minutes, declared she didn't like the Princess Movie, and proceeded to Tag Team Cry with Jamey the remaining three hours of the flight. Thankfully, the plane was EMPTY and the flight attendants were helpful. My kids ate 8 packets of fruit snacks, 3 breakfast bars, 4 glasses of milk, a ziploc bag of cheerios, a ziploc bag of goldfish, 12 bags of airplane pretzels, 4 bags of airplane cookies, and an entire pack of gum. And they still managed to cry the entire flight.

When I reserved the rental car, I picked something that was big enough for four people and two suitcases. I figured if they were advertising a car would fit four adults, it would fit two adults and two car seats. However, two Britax Boulevards will not fit in the back seat of a Ford Focus or a Ford Fusion. We ended up with a bright blue Dodge Journey. Driving in Minnesota was wonderful! I know where everything is; I didn't need the GPS, and I could even change routes when line painting on 494 caused traffic problems.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Yay! I have the perfect family! Somehow, my ninja husband got out of bed (with Ivy) and made me pancakes, toast, and my personal favorite--bacon--for breakfast in bed. I didn't really sleep in any later than normal, but it was awesome to not get up with the kids.

I woke up to the door flying open. Ivy was carrying my plate. Jamey was running behind her, carrying a little white bag. The second he saw me, he flung that bag across the room and ran to the bed. Like he hadn't seen me in days. Jeremy had coffee!

The little white bag was my "jamey ring." If I could figure out how to post a picture here, I'd show you.

We then went to church, spent some time with Jeremy's mom up in West Palm Beach, and then went swimming.

Awesome day! I love my kiddos and my hubby!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I hate our neighbor

The woman in the apartment next door isn't deaf but she listens to her crappy music like she is. I'd like to tear her stupid bass speakers off the wall and throw them through her super loud television. And then shove her phone down the garbage disposal. This woman makes me crazy and irate and evil.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A few observations

1. There is a tire store on every block--used tires, imported tires, racing tires, all kinds. But in 6 weeks, I haven't seen even one carwash.

2. There is only one coffee shop within 5 miles of us, and it doesn't even have a drive thru.

3. People here are very friendly. Old ladies fawn over the kids in the grocery store. Everyone talks to us in the elevator.

4. The kids no longer have "excess earwax" and I have no idea why. But I love it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010