Monday, June 21, 2010

Trilogy Tri #1

The awesome news is that I finished second in my division! The reality is that there were only two women in my division. Still, I get an award.

We stayed over at Marc & Amy's house so we didn't have to get up so early. We still had to get up at 4:30 am. We hit the road at 5ish, and were at the race site by 5:45. Jeremy put the bikes together and topped off the tires a bit. When he pulled the pump off Amy's back tire, the stem popped right off. You know, she wasn't too disappointed or upset to be missing the bike ride. She was going to swim and then run the 5k with me.

I took off on my 1 mile run at 7 am. I did a 9:49. Not bad, but the girl who beat me did 8:06. I'm going to have to step up the training!

Jeremy started his 400 meter swim at 7:15. Amy started hers at 7:30.

I figured I see Jeremy going out on the bike ride around 7:35--at the very latest. But I never saw him. I figured I missed him. But I did think, "If his bike is still on the rack, I know something happened."

I got back to the transition area at 7:50ish and saw Amy wiping her feet off to get her running shoes on. And Jeremy's bike was right next to her. I tossed my bike up, changed shoes, and asked the "Bike Out" guy where my hubby was.

He passed out. He's in the ambulance. They haven't left. He's fine.

And he was. Silly guy only ate a banana and then swam a 6-minute 1/4 mile.

None of us finished the race, but we have three more to go!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's our new car

It took a day to sell my SUV. I thought for sure we'd go weeks or maybe months without a vehicle while we researched, test drove, and negotiated the budget. Turns out, even though I hardly drive down here, I hate being without the option to drive.

We talked new vs. used. Figured out how much we can afford. Looked at a few cars. Debated between an earth-destroyer SUV, a crossover, or the dreaded minivan.

And it was easy. We drove into the Dodge dealership. I told the guy what features I wanted and for what price. We test drove and took home a van a few hours later.

Now we've had it a few days, and we still like it. There's a ton of space. And Ivy likes that she can push the button to close the door. And she LOVES watching movies in the car. I do think it's a little silly to watch 10 minutes of a movie on the way to Target, but whatever.