Monday, August 30, 2010


I hate teething ... especially today. Jamey has been crying and whining since he woke up this morning--all day long. Even with motrin, he cries. He wants to be held, he wants to eat, he wants to get down, he doesn't want to eat, he wants a drink, he wants to throw his cup. It is going on and on.

And then I burned dinner.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't play with the door

For five months, I've been telling the kids a hundred times a day, "don't play with the doors." I'm nervous they'll hit their heads, smash their fingers, or just drive me crazy with all the slamming. Yesterday morning, Jamey was opening and closing our bedroom door. I got down on the floor and played Peek-a-boo with him a couple times. The last time, I scared him, and he slammed the door and hit my face. It's not too bad, but I do have a welt. I was afraid I'd get a black eye, and "I hit a door" just doesn't sound plausible. But this is why we don't play with the door.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He's a boy

I just gave Jamey his first hair cut. I just cut off the wispy long hair around his ears and said good bye to the one long curl in the back.

And here's why I hate the Crapintosh. Where are the pictures stored? Who knows? Some random secret someplace so you can't import them to a blog or Facebook or anything. But gosh, they look so great in iPhoto.

I'd show you a picture, but I can't find them.

Post a Day?

I have a lofty goal of blogging every day. If I can get with the program, I'd like to even post pictures. Until then, I'm going to be satisfied with maybe once a week.

We have 10 days until we leave for Minnesota. Now that we have this awesome new van, I've thought, "I can bring the bike, the burley, my scrap booking stuff, and we can make a bed in the back" (because we're driving the whole 30 hours without stopping). That's another story to blog about when it's over. But now we have to do it, because we're picking up my sister in Minneapolis at 8:15 Sunday morning.

I have now spent a bit of time in the back of the van, and we will not be bringing the bike or burley or making a bed. I am, however, bringing my scrap booking stuff. I need to buy some shoes for Jamey.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting fit

I just read that my ideal weight is 139. The range is 123-154. Whew! I have a way to go. I'm embarrassed that I got so overweight. It's exciting that I've lost 21 pounds since April. I want to be in my weight range before we have our next baby--I've decided that being a healthy weight when I start another pregnancy will help ward off pre-eclampsia. I don't know if that's true, but it can't hurt. It stinks that I have to rest my ankle. That's going to hinder weight loss.

What I don't understand is how professional athletes can rest for 2 weeks and be back at it, while I'm supposed to rest for 6.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

a diagnosis

I've just returned from the orthopedist with orders to rest my ankle as much as possible or I get a cast at my follow-up appointment in Oct. He said he doesn't trust that I'll stay off it.

When I got fitted for my running shoes, the guy at the store said that most likely I'd hurt the tendon that runs down the inside of my ankle and across my foot. The ortho said he was right. So, I'm diagnosed with Tibialis Posterior Tendon. I have three or four months' worth of Naproxin, and I'm changing my workout routine.

Instead of running/elliptical (because I haven't been running in about a month anyway), I'm going to either swim laps in our 30 foot pool (gross) or just do weights. And I'll bike.

I think the trip to MN will be good for my ankle. Who exercises on vacation anyway?

Monday, August 16, 2010


I finally have an appt to get my right ankle checked out. One doctor couldn't see me until Sept 29, so I called around to three other clinics until I found one who can see me this week. Thursday afternoon.

I'm eager to get this dumb thing fixed and get training. I'll miss the race in Sept (because I'll be in MN), but I'm checking out the Miami Equalizer in Oct. Or the Halloween 1/2 marathon. And training for the ING 1/2 marathon starts in Nov.

Woo Hoo!!

My boy has shoes!

Jamey is 18-months old, as of last week. Until a month ago, he only wore the Robeez soft sole shoes. In part because I love Robeez, they're versatile, they're not expensive, and they're good for learning how to walk. The other reason is that Jamey's feet are still so "baby chubby" that I haven't found a shoe that fits him--you know, if his whole foot fit inside the shoe enough for it to velcro shut, it was about six inches too long. So, soft soles or barefoot it's been. About a month ago, I picked him up some light-up Toy Story shoes at Target. He loves them! But it's a pain to get them on, and when we pry them off, his poor feet are all red and creased. But he can't go barefoot all the time. He trips and his toes are all bloody and mangled.

We took a trip to the Stride Rite store this morning to have his feet measured and pick him up some real shoes. And now he won't take them off. I tried. He screamed and flailed and pointed until I put the shoes back on. I guess he likes them!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Try a Tri

Shortly after we registered for the Trilogy Tri's, Jeremy found a meetup group based out of Dania Beach. They get together almost every day to do different work outs. He's been going to the Sunday morning "Swim, Bike, Run, Breakfast" group. And now I'm going to go to the Friday morning "Brick" workout. It's biking and running. Does anyone know what that's called a brick? And I'm starting the Bridge to 10k running plan tonight. I'm enjoying all this training and racing.