Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cheering at Rev3

I can't write too much about the race without spoiling Jeremy's race review. 

Trying on Auntie Amy's aero helmet

The Solt/Stone cheering squad. The shirts all say "Daddy's Transition Team" or "Mommy's Transition Team." Ivy is upset that Dylan gets to hold Livy. 

All smiles now :) 

The surf while we were walking out to the end of the pier.

While we waited for Amy, Jeremy, and our friend Nick to come in from the bike, the kids ran around in a little field. Dylan is a great babysitter for Livy! 

Not always excited to cheer. It was SUPER windy, and the kids were "starving."

Jeremy's favorite "post 70.3 treat" is a cold Green Monster at the finish line. So I bought one (well, two for $3). But in order to keep it cold, I also had to buy a cooler and ice. And some buckets and shovels for the kids. As we were walking to the finish line, the can fell out of the cup holder on the stroller and got a little hole in it. Jamey said something like, "Mom, Daddy's drink is dewishis." 

Waiting for the 'rents

You'll have to wait to see all the other race photos on Jeremy's blog with his race review. 

After the race, Jeremy showered and we hit the road for home. We did stop just past Atlanta to sleep. But here's a funny picture of Livy "eating" baby carrots.

We stopped to do this more times than I can remember. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Rev

Ivy, Jamey & I did the Little Rev. It's like a scavenger hunt. There were 10 checkpoints we had to find and write down the alphanumeric code on our map. I wish we had a copy of the map, but we had to turn it in.

This was before we started. They had trick or treating at the expo, so both kids had their costumes on. Jamey changed out of his Elmo outfit, but Ivy said Super Girl was a very fast runner.

She took the lead for a minute!

About halfway through. Some of the checkpoints were hard to find, and there was a lot of walking for these little legs. Jamey was super hot and "lost" his shirt. 

Beeline to the finish!

Jamey picked up this palm branch on our way to Checkpoint 7. He dragged it all around the park and then really tried hard to fit it into the car. 

Finished!! We had a lot of fun!

Livy made a little friend. 

The awards ceremony. 

I'm trying to find pictures and video from the Rev3 site, but I'm not having much luck. But there was a guy taking video and I'm sure watching Jamey run with that tree is hilarious!

Sarasota, here we are!!

Jeremy & Amy are doing Rev3 Sarasota, so on Friday, we made the 4-hour trek through the torrential rain and wind.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Venice, which was a race partner. I was impressed with the room. It had a whole kitchen with a little stove, dishwasher, and fridge/freezer. The separate room for the kids to sleep is so fantastic.

After we got settled, we found a playground to let the kids run around for a while. There were a zillion pine cones laying around, so we have brought home about a million. We're going to use them as bird feeders (coat them in peanut butter and roll them in bird seed). And we're going to hope all the squirrels are allergic to peanuts. 

This is the beach at Sharky's on the Pier where the race was going to be held. The waves don't look big in this picture, but they were huge.

Ivy spotted an alligator in the lake at the park. There were signs posted all over the place "No swimming. Alligator Habitat." And the lake was all fenced off. 

We had dinner at Sharky's, which was fun. The key lime pie was delish. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A week of relaxing

We've spent almost a week just relaxing with the cousins. It's been fun--super fun--for the kids, well, all of us. It's amazing how quickly a week goes by.

Livy LOVES the pool! She might be our "best" swimmer yet. She's even learned to say "one, two, three ... Wheee!"

My my. She's relaxed in the car. She's lounging on the way to Grandma Claire's house again. We had lunch with her on Wednesday and then went to play at the Playmobil Fun Park. I may or may not have done some Christmas shopping. 

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy rolled in on Thursday thwarting our day at the zoo. Another trip to Miami is in the works already, because all Ivy wanted to do was see the elephants. Next time!

Friday, we loaded up and headed for Sarasota and the Rev3 race. 

Ivy's vacation pictures

I think Ivy's pictures are fun to look at. She's so silly!