Sunday, June 7, 2015


Ivy & Jamey are both swimming with Storm now. Jamey is super excited and has a ton of fun. Ivy is working hard and getting fast.

They just finished their second track season. Ivy's coach wasn't too great, but she had a good time. She just has fun hanging out and goofing off with friends. I am going to work with her a bit this summer on her running form. She spends a lot of energy on swinging her upper body around.

Josey finished up her first session of swimming lessons. She did great and had fun. She's a little more stubborn than the other kids and refused to do some of the exercises/drills.

Livy finished up her sixth session with Mr. Mat. He's moved to Chicago now, and she & I are going to miss him a lot. She's taking the summer off because she only wanted Mr. Mat. I figured a little separation would help her process that and be able to move on.

Our summer plans include Valley Fair, Storm, Marilla's wedding, and another summer of "No School, No Electronics." Bethany is taking the kids camping at the end of June, and they'll have Grandma Camp toward the end of August.

Jeremy's signed up for one triathlon, and I'm sure they're'll be a couple more.