Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Foss Fun Meet

Our kids LOVE swimming. They participate in the Foss Fun Meets whenever they're offered. This is the one from March.

Feeling broke down

Between this pregnancy and the healing broken arm, my trips to the YMCA have become frustrating. 

I've done a new awesome fun hard class (body shred) a few times. But it's surprising to me how many exercises force you to support your weight on your arms (plank, push ups, mountain climbers, etc). After two sessions of the class, I couldn't move my wrist or fingers without a lot of pain. Even my forearm hurt. 

Then I can't or am not supposed to lie on my back, so all the crunches are out. 

And today, the stationary bike is bothering my belly--not my innards like a digestive problem. Like I feel squished and it hurts. 

So I moved over to a more upright bike, and it helped, but ugh. And my arms are feeling flabby, but it hurts my wrist to do any weights.

Maybe this means I should start swimming! 

Mother-Daughter Tea

I took Ivy to the Mother-Daughter Tea at Wooddale a while ago.

Biking to Cleary Lake Park

On the one nice day we've had so far, we all biked over to Cleary Lake Park to play and test the water. 

We love the Doctor

It feels like we've been to the doctor about a million times in the last month or so.

Jamey had strep. Livy had an ear infection. Jamey saw the ENT. Ivy had an ear infection. Jamey has had two other "viruses" and a strep follow-up.

Plus I have all these midwife appointments, and we're trying out some chiropractic work to help Livy sleep.

We're getting pretty good at waiting and entertaining ourselves at the clinic.

Bowling with Grandma Jan

Playing in Osakis

Fun times in Alexandria

City Park!!

      Seriously, excellent food. Delish!

Spending time with my Grandma

My grandma is, I don't know what the "correct terms" are, experiencing dementia. She has a hard time remembering things, and she knows it. Most of the days are very hard for her and the family. My mom had been telling me for a couple weeks that Grandma was talking to herself a lot and that she says the same things over and over. But until I saw it, I had no idea what that meant. 

It's almost impossible to talk to her. She is so focused on remembering things. She repeats herself over and over and over constantly. It's hard. It's really hard. 

Moving my Grandma

Over Mother's Day weekend, we went up to Alexandria to spend time with my family and help move my Grandma into a different condo/apartment. 

Ivy & Jamey loved helping load furniture into the trailer.

Taking a break while I try to find the "last thing."

All three of the kids played with the magnifying glass. Favorite!

Livy napped while we worked :)