Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Christmas Baking and Thanksgiving

I started writing this once already and then Firefox freaked out ... or else my computer needs the Microsoft Break and a restart. And I'm a bit tired and trying to get this done before Ivy wakes up.

We spent Thanksgiving with my family, and it was great. Bethany surprised us all and came home. We wish she lived closer but are excited about a trip to see her after tax season.

Here is the next round of baking. I am not impressed with the Dot Cookies. They taste like a bad sugar cookie.

Dot Cookies

Molasses Cookies

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cold Morning Ramblings

Our dear sweet girl has her first cold. I don't know how or when or from whom she got it, but she's pretty sad. She's congested and coughing and sleeping a lot. I'm just trying to keep her comfy and upright so she doesn't choke when she coughs. We tried to have her sleep in her swing last night so she wouldn't choke so much, but it was a no-go. She did not like being in there when Mommy was two feet away in a nice cozy bed.

We might have to reschedule 3-month pictures if she's too cranky tomorrow.  We decided on JC Penney's. We really liked the newborn photographer, but it was so expensive. I can't justify spending $500 on pictures every couple months. I got many recommendations for Penney's and because they're a Lifetouch studio, I know it's good work (and I know where to go if it's not).

On another note, I've picked out 10 recipes for Christmas cookies and may brave the freezing cold today with my sick baby to run to the grocery store for supplies. If only I had a big freezer, I could start baking now and just save it all for later. I'm pretty stoked about trying out all new recipes this year--except for the fudge.  That's always the same. Maybe I'll take pictures of the finished product and post them here to show off my skills. Unless I burn them all to smithereens, which could very well happen.

Yesterday, I was making chili for dinner. I like to start it in the morning so the flavors get good and mixed in. Anyway, the hamburger was frozen in round plastic tubes like Jimmy Dean sausage. To thaw them quicker, I put them (plastic and all) in a skillet on the stove on low. I thought, "I'll let them sit there for a couple minutes just so I can get the package off." Three hours later, after Ivy had woken up, eaten, did a bit of tummy time, sang some songs, vacuumed and eaten again, I remembered the hamburger on the stove. It was almost totally cooked the package.  This was not detrimental to our dinner last night, but it doesn't bode well for any cookies I will be making in the next couple weeks.

When I won't be baking before Christmas, I will be putting together Ivy's scrap book. I got a book for a shower gift, picked up some darling stickers and paper, and am eagerly awaiting the photographs. I have all my scrap booking stuff set up in the spare room so I can sneak in a page or two while Ivy naps.  It seems like it's been so long since I've done any scrap booking; I have itchy fingers to get back at it.

On still another note, I'm pretty frustrated already with the excess baby weight and the plain old excess weight. It's hard to stick with working out when it seems like it's not helping at all. Maybe I'm already bored with the video I've been doing. Who knows? I just would like this new belly to disappear. I saw a picture of me at Ben & Becky's wedding. Holy mackerel. I was hot then :) Not so much now, but I do have a fab daughter to show for it.

Ashley, Bethany, Levi and I are going to Pompeii at the Science Museum in December (  First of all, I think the exhibit is going to be fascinating. Second of all, a day with the sibs will be a lot of fun. I can't remember the last time, if ever, the four of us did something together.

I think that's all for now. Ivy is sleeping so I should take advantage and hit the shower.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Making of a star

I am going to be famous. :)

1. Jeremy bought Guitar Hero 3, and I rock!! Watch out American Idol, here I come! Oh, wait, they don't take awesome git-box players. Hmmm. Maybe I'll check out Who Wants to be a Country Star. :)

Here's the real scoop: I'm not that great, but I'm really having fun!

2. I applied to be on Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader? I hope I am.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are mothers a bit emotional?

I cried tonight while Ivy was in the bath. Just in the last few days she's going 3-4 hours between feedings. Then in the tub she was grinning that sweet baby smile at me and waving her arms and legs. It really hit me that she's not going to be this small for very long and pretty soon I might not even remember her cute babyness. And she loves the tub. I just put in a couple inches of water and let her splash until the water gets cold and then she's still mad about getting out.
I need to start taking more pictures. And I hope we can get a video camera soon.

I never knew I'd be so overwhelmed with good sweet loving for this girl. I knew I'd love our baby, but I didn't know it'd be like this.

The doctor suggested we start Ivy on rice cereal at 4 months if she seems ready. That is coming right up and, in light of my emotional state today, that will be the cause for a minor breakdown.