Monday, July 26, 2010

my foot is killing me

Gosh, my right ankle and shin have been sore off and on since the beginning of June. There was no trauma, so it was hard to pinpoint why it hurt. And somedays, it hurt a lot and other days, it didn't hurt at all. I iced it, massaged it, heated it, braced it, and even stayed off it. Nothing seemed to make the pain go away. My hubby did some research and the info he found suggested a quick trip to a podiatrist who also runs would solve the problem.

Last week, I ran 17 minutes and had to stop. I thought my ankle was going to give out. I went to a regular doctor (that was a horrid experience I may never write about because I still get raging mad when I think about it). He said it was bruised and it would heal on its own.

I called The Runner's Depot to get a recommendation for a podiatrist. She said before I go to the doctor, I should come in to get sized and get in the correct shoe. My first thought was "Gosh, what a scam. Of course the shoe store would suggest I buy shoes from them."

Even though it sounds hokey that the running store would tell me I need new shoes, without me telling him where my foot hurt, he knew. He looked at my foot--not close up. Watched me walk and said, I bet it hurts here and here because of how your foot rolls. I over-pronate or have overpronation. Something. He put me in a different shoe, had me run on the treadmill, and said my stride is great.

Here's hoping my foot adjusts to these shoes well and I can start real running again. I just got an email about the Miami 1/2 Marathon, and it sounds fun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Our first tropical storm

Today is supposed to be our first ever tropical storm. To celebrate being stuck in the apartment all day during the storm, the kids and I decided to make cookies. And a quick trip to Publix was required for chocolate chips and butter.

By the time we drove the three blocks to the store, it was seriously downpouring. Even with the wipers on full blast, I could hardly see. And my gas light came on. Now I was terrified of running out of gas in the storm.

Ran into the store, got drenched. Found what we needed. Had a nice chat with the guy in line before us--he has a 120 dog and thinks Ivy should take karate. Ran back out to the car in lighter rain. Got the kids buckled in.

Got locked out.

My kids were buckled in their car seats with no chance of getting out, and the keys were happily lying on the passenger seat while all the doors were locked. Geez. Now what?

I called Jeremy. He'd come home to get the spare set and unlock the doors. Don't call the police, he said. He's coming.

So I immediately flagged down a cop who was driving through the parking lot. He called for back up, and before I knew it, there were six police cars, a huge fire truck, and fire rescue. I just made a huge spectacle.

They wedged the front passenger door open with an inflatable pillow. Stuck a stick in there, pushed the button, and viola! Three minutes later, it was like it didn't happen. They hopped in the vehicles and zoomed off to help someone else. I sat there for a minute, embarrassed and wishing I'd have taken pictures.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Ugh, who knew it was going to be so hard to find a seamstress?

My super SIL did give me a recommendation for someone, but my incredible inability to understand less than perfect English has hampered further communication. I felt bad that I asked her to repeat her address four times, and I'm still not sure I got it right.

I've emailed a couple people from Craigslist, but I've gotten no response.

I asked for recommendations from the parenting group and got one. That lady hasn't called me back either.

I finally just looked some places up on Google. One doesn't do sewing. And the other lady was going to charge me $350-$400 to make one dress.

So, now I've called Joann Fabric. They have a couple business cards in the store. I have to go check those out. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll try my hand at sewing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trilogy Tri #2

We did our second race yesterday. Big News! No one passed out, and we all finished. Jeremy SMOKED both me and Amy--I think his finishing time was 11 minutes faster than either of us.

I did increase my 1 mile and bike speeds. However, my 5k time was pathetically slow. Mostly because I walked 2/3 of it. I was dead tired. So, winning my division just means that the other racers were SUPER slow.

It was fun though. Its fun to talk with girls from the last race. And it's fun to see Jeremy and Amy out on the course. And it's a lot of fun to cheer them on at the finish.

Whew, we have another race in 4 weeks. I'm going to work on my run.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


We picked the wrong summer to move. I made a trip back to MN in May to host a bridal shower. We just returned from a second trip to MN for my bro's wedding. And we'll be going back in Sept for my sister's wedding. Plus Christmas. That's a lot of traveling. Two things: we should've signed up for frequent flyer miles. And we should've bought a car to leave in Osakis. It costs an arm & a leg to rent cars for longer than a long weekend.

The Wedding Week was wonderful (how's that for alliteration?). We had parties, decorated, tried to continue our training, made food, ate food, ate more wedding cake than I ever want to see again, and the actual wedding and reception were so much fun!

The girls went dress shopping for Ashley's wedding one morning. I've decided that if I ever become waif thin and gorgeous, I'm going to be a wedding dress model. I'm totally stoked for her wedding. I can not wait! I think everyone I know should get married this summer. I love weddings!!

It's hot here. Hot hot hot. My bike tires are flat. And I put Florida license plates on my car this morning.

There's a guy who, it seems, is always lifting weights when I'm working out in the gym. We rode the elevator once and chatted for a minute. I saw him this morning on the way to put my new plates on. I think Bethany should move down here and go out with him at least once. He's very muscly and a snappy dresser. I don't know if he likes soccer though.

We're having mac & cheese for lunch and then going to spend the afternoon in the pool. It's really hot.