Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are mothers a bit emotional?

I cried tonight while Ivy was in the bath. Just in the last few days she's going 3-4 hours between feedings. Then in the tub she was grinning that sweet baby smile at me and waving her arms and legs. It really hit me that she's not going to be this small for very long and pretty soon I might not even remember her cute babyness. And she loves the tub. I just put in a couple inches of water and let her splash until the water gets cold and then she's still mad about getting out.
I need to start taking more pictures. And I hope we can get a video camera soon.

I never knew I'd be so overwhelmed with good sweet loving for this girl. I knew I'd love our baby, but I didn't know it'd be like this.

The doctor suggested we start Ivy on rice cereal at 4 months if she seems ready. That is coming right up and, in light of my emotional state today, that will be the cause for a minor breakdown.

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