Monday, June 30, 2008


We are having a baby!! Number Two is set to arrive at the end of February. We talked and talked about trying for another home birth but ended up with the midwives at St. Francis. I haven't felt sick a bit yet, although a little tiredness is setting in late in the afternoons.

Nothing else much is going on. I spent most of last week in Osakis hanging out with my fam. Ivy & I finally went to Fairy Lake. It's nice, but not really anyƂ  nicer than any other beach we've been to. And we saw all the cousins at Stu's on Friday. New Little Ryne is adorable!!

Our friends Amy & Jeremy welcomed Bailey this week, too. She's 9 weeks early, but doing very well. Just needs to get some growing done. She's sweet and precious.


  1. Okay- so I finally found & bookmarked your bloooog.
    So, now when I need my Amanda, she's right here. :)

  2. Hey, I loved looking at all your recent photos - yay!! I love the one of Ivy standing all by herself - that's so awesome. :)