Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Minnesota Harvest

We went to Minnesota Harvest yesterday. It's an apple orchard with a petting zoo, corn maze, apple picking, pony rides, horse rides, a big store and bakery, and a BBQ.

It was the biggest disappointment. It looked like a ghost town. Run down, empty, dirty in the way that doesn't  scream nature, but shoddy care.

We had to find an employee who could unlock the petting zoo for us (not worth the $3 each to get in--worth $1 each--maybe).  It was just a big fenced-in area with the animals running loose. There was a sign that warning us that animals are unpredictable and we're entering at our own risk. I didn't put Ivy down at all, as the ground was covered with animal droppings.

I imagined a place with a carnival-type atmosphere. Hey, it's fall, and we love it! Let's have some fun! Instead, we drove 20 miles for a gross petting zoo and not much else.

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