Monday, January 19, 2009

Potty Training pt 1

Ivy knows when she has to go to the bathroom and the other night told us. As we rushed her naked butt to a diaper, she peed on the floor and was UNHAPPY about it. That little episode preceded this morning's attempt to potty train. And my desire to not have two in diapers. I almost would rather wipe a little pee off the floor than change another diaper. I haven't had to clean up poop off the floor yet, but I'm sure that would change my mind about not diapering her. Anyway, I am not in the mood to potty train. She drank two cups of milk this morning and cried if I even got her close to the potty chair. She loved the M&Ms that were around to tempt her into peeing on the potty. The last straw was when she squatted down in the kitchen and peed on the floor. Thankfully, she was still pretty upset about it, pulled a towel off the stove and tried to wipe it up. She is a cutie pie!! However, a diaper went straight on that adorable tushie, and Mommy is going to eat the rest of the M&Ms during nap time. I think I'll let my mom handle the potty training when Jamey's born. :)

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