Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's our new car

It took a day to sell my SUV. I thought for sure we'd go weeks or maybe months without a vehicle while we researched, test drove, and negotiated the budget. Turns out, even though I hardly drive down here, I hate being without the option to drive.

We talked new vs. used. Figured out how much we can afford. Looked at a few cars. Debated between an earth-destroyer SUV, a crossover, or the dreaded minivan.

And it was easy. We drove into the Dodge dealership. I told the guy what features I wanted and for what price. We test drove and took home a van a few hours later.

Now we've had it a few days, and we still like it. There's a ton of space. And Ivy likes that she can push the button to close the door. And she LOVES watching movies in the car. I do think it's a little silly to watch 10 minutes of a movie on the way to Target, but whatever.


  1. We are on the verge of getting a van. I am just excited for more space! Did you get the caravan? new or used?

  2. We did get the Grand Caravan. It's awesome! There is so much room for everything. We did new because I like having a warranty, and the dealership was having a "Minivan Event." It seems like we got a decent deal. But I love it! I love the power doors; the kids love the DVD player; and I'm falling in love with satellite radio.