Sunday, March 27, 2011

A real train and Vizcaya Gardens

Because Jamey is so in love with riding trains (which we learned getting to the Miami Half Marathon), we decided to take the Tri-Rail and MetroRail to Vizcaya Gardens in Miami.

I was nervous about the train ride; heck, I was nervous about getting tickets. I took the kids to the train station on Thursday so someone could talk me through the whole process. Turns out, you buy train tickets from an ATM. So, standing in front of the machine, I called Tri-Rail customer service, and a nice guy talked me through it. And you can't buy tickets for the train until the day you are riding the train.

Saturday morning, we got up, got the train station and had an exciting time waiting for the train and wishing it would come faster. The ride was fun--the kids loved it.

Vizcaya (as Jeremy would say "was as fun as a garden could be") was great. I liked touring the mansion and walking through the gardens. The cousins came over to traipse for a while, and we all had lunch.

Then we had the walk back to the train station and another fab ride home. Jamey fell asleep once we got in the van--the ride from the train station to the apartment is about 2 minutes. He even slept through me changing him from clothes to swimming suit and putting sunscreen on him.

PS--we did this all without a stroller. And I did the train museum with the two kids without a stroller. They're awesome and slept like rocks!


  1. It was as fun as a garden could be :) I mean I can't imagine a garden is ever REALLY FUN. Even if the maze was taller than my ankles, I don't think it would have added much.

    The rat did subtract a little :)

  2. Oh, the rat. That detracted a lot. Totally gross!