Sunday, July 14, 2013

Night time at Valley Fair

We were at Valley Fair last week, and I told the kids that at night, lots of rides have lights on them. We very quickly made a plan to come on the weekend with Daddy.

So after the Lifetime Tri, we all came home and took naps, and after "dinner" we headed over to ride some rides. We left at 6, and honestly, I figured we'd be home by 9. Nope! We didn't leave until 10:45. The kids had a blast! Plus, the fireworks!!

Even Livy got over her fear from her one ride on The Monster about a month ago and had fun on a few rides. It seems like there are a lot of pictures of Livy, but she was standing with me most of the the night :)

The first ride: Scrambler

Not sure why she can't go on

Look at Daddy

The biggest Cotton Candy ever

In line for Wild Thing

Not impressed

Jamey, Ivy & Jeremy rode this about 20 times--all time favorite

Last ride: The Monster

Home for a snack and bed

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