Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ivy lost her first tooth

A few days ago, Ivy showed us that she had her first loose tooth. The excitement was uncontainable. She's been wiggling it and showing it off constantly.

Today at swimming lessons, she learned that her friend Maddie Jo got "8 quarters!!" for her tooth last week. Eight quarters!! Can you believe it??

At bedtime, the kids were all in brushing their teeth, and Ivy started FREAKING out. I mean, serious, full-on panic attack. Her tooth was bleeding, and she just can't take it. She lost it so bad. And then Jamey was screaming, "What's going on? What happened to Ivy? Can I see?"

So I sent Jamey to get his jammies on, pulled Ivy's hair back, and tried to jam a tissue in her mouth.

This all happened in the span of about two minutes.

Then I put the tissue in her mouth, and the tooth just fell out in my hand.

Ivy went from freaking out and crying to jumping up and down screaming "It came out! I lost a tooth! It's my first tooth!!" She was dancing and jumping and screaming; it was very exciting!

The tooth. I'm surprised at how tiny it is. 

The empty spot

She put the tooth in a cup waiting for the Tooth Fairy. 
There were lots of questions about how the Tooth Fairy would get in and what she would leave. I told the kids that the Tooth Fairy is tiny and magic like Tinkerbell. Jamey said he's going to keep one eye open all night so he can see her. Ivy really hopes she's sparkly. 

She's really so excited to show off to "the lady in the gym after school," and her friends Bella and Maddie Jo. And she wanted me to take a million pictures.

I know there are pregnancy hormones involved, but I almost cried. The milestones never stop, and she just keeps getting bigger. 

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