Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One Month Birthday

Today, Ivy is one-month old. She celebrated by staying awake all day. We nursed and rocked for most of the day. She is so cuddly and sweet smelling. I just love holding her.

Jeremy went back to work this week. I was fully expecting to have multiple breakdowns, but it's been good. We miss having Daddy at home, but I'm glad we can do it on our own. I'm trying to get out of the house during the day, so I don't get bored or stir crazy. I've scheduled lunch with a couple girlfriends and went to a women's Bible study tonight. I also joined the MOPS program at church, am thinking about going to a Wednesday afternoon craft group in Prior Lake, and am planning to go to Le Leche.

We are waiting for friends to be born. Becky is ready to pop any day now. Christina is due in a week or so, and Heather only has a month left.

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  1. Man, how did I space that it was her birthday!