Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two Months Old

Ivy was two-months old on Thursday. She is growing and changing so much! She holds her head up for a long time if we hold her in a sitting position, although she does not like Tummy Time. And she smiles at everyone who talks to her.

She loves sleeping with mom & dad. She has her daddy's sleep habits: she likes to be up late and sleep in. And she stretches like he does. Nice long stretches while she's trying to wake up. She raises her arms up over her head, arches her back, and groans a little bit.  This goes on for about 20 minutes before she ever opens her eyes.

She met her Grandma Claire, Aunt Amy, and cousin Dylan last week. Jeremy's family flew up for a baby shower in Osakis. Seeing them with her made me miss Jim and wish he could have met our girl.

I think we've hit the last of the breast feeding hurdles. I'm recovering from a bout of mastitis. There is nothing left that can make us quit breast feeding; I think we've hit all the big problems. I hope next time around is easier! I don't know if I'll have the will power to do it like this again.

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