Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Baby Journal

I think I should be doing a better job of writing down all the amusing things Ivy does. The problem is: I can't find any time to do it. She's awake a lot. And when she's awake, she really wants my full attention. We read books, practice crawling. I move her arms and legs for her so she gets used to the movement. I don't think it's really helping, but she is frustrated that she can't move. I know this because she cries any time I leave the room. I don't necessarily think it's separation anxiety, because she's fine if someone else is in the room. I think she just likes being around people. She has been talking alot lately. She has discovered screeching--it's still an adorable high-pitch "ba ba ba ba ba." High pitch and loud. The other thing is that she's drinking out of a sippy cup. I have to hold it for her, but she is very proud of herself. We've started swimming lessons, which she loves.  My five minutes of peace have passed. She's awake.

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