Thursday, July 8, 2010


We picked the wrong summer to move. I made a trip back to MN in May to host a bridal shower. We just returned from a second trip to MN for my bro's wedding. And we'll be going back in Sept for my sister's wedding. Plus Christmas. That's a lot of traveling. Two things: we should've signed up for frequent flyer miles. And we should've bought a car to leave in Osakis. It costs an arm & a leg to rent cars for longer than a long weekend.

The Wedding Week was wonderful (how's that for alliteration?). We had parties, decorated, tried to continue our training, made food, ate food, ate more wedding cake than I ever want to see again, and the actual wedding and reception were so much fun!

The girls went dress shopping for Ashley's wedding one morning. I've decided that if I ever become waif thin and gorgeous, I'm going to be a wedding dress model. I'm totally stoked for her wedding. I can not wait! I think everyone I know should get married this summer. I love weddings!!

It's hot here. Hot hot hot. My bike tires are flat. And I put Florida license plates on my car this morning.

There's a guy who, it seems, is always lifting weights when I'm working out in the gym. We rode the elevator once and chatted for a minute. I saw him this morning on the way to put my new plates on. I think Bethany should move down here and go out with him at least once. He's very muscly and a snappy dresser. I don't know if he likes soccer though.

We're having mac & cheese for lunch and then going to spend the afternoon in the pool. It's really hot.

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