Monday, July 26, 2010

my foot is killing me

Gosh, my right ankle and shin have been sore off and on since the beginning of June. There was no trauma, so it was hard to pinpoint why it hurt. And somedays, it hurt a lot and other days, it didn't hurt at all. I iced it, massaged it, heated it, braced it, and even stayed off it. Nothing seemed to make the pain go away. My hubby did some research and the info he found suggested a quick trip to a podiatrist who also runs would solve the problem.

Last week, I ran 17 minutes and had to stop. I thought my ankle was going to give out. I went to a regular doctor (that was a horrid experience I may never write about because I still get raging mad when I think about it). He said it was bruised and it would heal on its own.

I called The Runner's Depot to get a recommendation for a podiatrist. She said before I go to the doctor, I should come in to get sized and get in the correct shoe. My first thought was "Gosh, what a scam. Of course the shoe store would suggest I buy shoes from them."

Even though it sounds hokey that the running store would tell me I need new shoes, without me telling him where my foot hurt, he knew. He looked at my foot--not close up. Watched me walk and said, I bet it hurts here and here because of how your foot rolls. I over-pronate or have overpronation. Something. He put me in a different shoe, had me run on the treadmill, and said my stride is great.

Here's hoping my foot adjusts to these shoes well and I can start real running again. I just got an email about the Miami 1/2 Marathon, and it sounds fun.


  1. Oh golly, a half marathon on January? I'd bet you'd try to rope me into that one :)

  2. Good Luck with that Amanda, I do have to get new running shoes about every 6 months becasue I am hard on them, if I dont I can totally feel it.

  3. Me too ... me too. But maybe the full for me. Not sure yet. Last year I signed up and then fizzled on my training.