Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas #23

23. Christmas Rice

I don't know if there's a real name for this dish, but it's been eaten in my family since my Grandma was a kid. Because she's 100% Swedish, I'll assume it's a Swedish tradition. We eat it at Christmas Eve dinner. And you HAVE to eat your whole bowlful before you can open presents.

Boil white rice in milk until it's soft.
Serve with white sugar, cinnamon, and milk.

I don't remember the story if my Grandma and her siblings liked it. My mom and her siblings did not like it at all. They choked down two bites and gagged the whole time. My siblings & I have thrown a wrench in the whole "eat it or no presents" thing. We love it! We beg for more. We wish we could eat it all year round. I will be passing this tradition down to our kids. And I hope they love it!

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