Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OB appt (9 weeks)

Knowing that we are moving home has made the decision about where do to some prenatal appointments maybe easier or harder. I was hoping to see the midwives at the Hollywood Birth Center, but they only do "the whole thing." You pay the fee and that's that. Because I won't have the baby there, it didn't make sense to pay $4,200 for three prenatal visits and an ultrasound.

So, I picked an OB off the insurance website and called. They wanted me to come in right away, so I went this morning. I'm 9-1/2 weeks along, so it's too early to hear the heartbeat, and he didn't do any lab work. I left a "sample," talked about my history, and made a joke about drinking.

The questionnaire asked if I "drink everyday," and I circled "yes." Of course, I drink every day. Who doesn't?? Then I realized they probably weren't asking about water and milk. :)

The OB explained their process is to Establish Pregnancy for the insurance company at the first visit. I'll go back next week to do all the lab work. And he wants to do an ultrasound, but I don't know what for. I might skip that one. It seems unnecessary.

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