Thursday, February 10, 2011

Will I miss it?

We have 11 weeks left in the apartment, and I have a deep sense of relief when I think of a few things I'm not going to miss:

  1. The dishwasher that, despite all the cleaning, jet dry, and disposal running, still doesn't get our glasses clean

  2. The toilets that don't flush unless we stand there and hold the lever down for 3-1/2 minutes

  3. The fridge and freezer that are too small to fit a cake pan in

  4. The dryer that leaves all of our clothes wrinkled even if I take them out the second the dryer turns off (Yes, I'm complaining about the appliances)

  5. Tile floors. South Florida has covered every single surface with either astro-turf or tile. I hate grout. I hate cleaning it. I hate how black and gross it looks five seconds after I clean it.

  6. Locked doors and gates every 12 feet.

  7. Asking permission to get my bike out of storage when I want to go for a ride.

  8. Loud neighbors and loud music

  9. City driving

  10. The heat, the perma-slime of constant sunscreen application, sweating every second of the day

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