Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hand Surgery

Jeremy and I headed up to Tria at 6:45 on Wednesday morning. Surgery was scheduled for 9. That place is a well-oiled machine. I got in and got changed super fast. 

The nurse did make me do a pregnancy test. When she came in and started talking about putting in the IV and sedative, I said "so I'm not pregnant?" And nope! I got the IV and told the nurse that I was a little freaked out about feeling tugging or something during the procedure. She reassured me that I wouldn't feel a thing with the nerve block in my arm. 

The anathesiolgist put the nerve block in. It was super easy and my arm "fell asleep" immediately.

I got wheeled into the OR and the nurse there gave me a little sedative, but I opted to stay awake and watch the surgery on a monitor. I wondered when they were going to get started and looked right. My arm was laid out on a table, and the dr was already making the incision. I couldn't feel a thing.

I watched most of it. I did sleep some. I got a couple pictures of the plate because Ivy had asked me if it was a "grown up plate, kid plate, or doll plate." She said it must be a doll plate because a grown up plate wouldn't fit. It really looks like a rake. 

It went well and 3-1/2 days later, I'm not in much pain. I'm taking the "regular" percocet instead of dulaudid every 6-8 hours. And then a "long lasting" percocet every 12 hours. 

I should be off the meds on Monday. I get this splint off on Feb 18th and get something more like a brace that day. 

My mom was here the Friday after I broke my arm. And then she took Ivy & Jamey to her house Friday after school until Monday at lunch. She left yesterday afternoon. Now my brother Noah is coming today until Friday to be an extra pair of hands to do lifting, dressing, car seat buckling, and general "kid care."

A friend brought over dinner and an egg bake and her kids one night. That was a fun evening.

The help has been fantastic! Now on to more healing. 

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