Friday, September 4, 2009

The Great Minnesota Get Together

We spent yesterday at the State Fair, and it was great! I love the fair.

We started the morning with several cups of chocolate milk and a cone of Sweet Martha's cookies. Then off to the Fine Arts, Creative Activities, 4-H, Eco-Experience, and Horticulture buildings. A friend has a photograph in the Fine Arts building. Then we strolled up to Machinery Hill to check out the Harley dealership and scope out a couple vehicles. Why doesn't anyone make a hybrid car for a family?

Ivy enjoyed the Miracle of Birth Center, the horses, rodeo, and more chocolate milk. She did not like the roosters, which were very loud. She made it through the little farm chores and earned a box of cheerios.

We topped off the fun day with a short Storyhill concert with the Harriger Girls and Andrew.

Good good times! Next year we might brave the Kidway.

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