Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Try a Tri

Shortly after we registered for the Trilogy Tri's, Jeremy found a meetup group based out of Dania Beach. They get together almost every day to do different work outs. He's been going to the Sunday morning "Swim, Bike, Run, Breakfast" group. And now I'm going to go to the Friday morning "Brick" workout. It's biking and running. Does anyone know what that's called a brick? And I'm starting the Bridge to 10k running plan tonight. I'm enjoying all this training and racing.


  1. Some people say it's called a Brick because your legs feel like bricks when you switch from running to walking. But I read in that Triathlete magazine that came in the mail that the real explanation was that the B is for Bike and the R is for Run and the ick is some sort of tri shorthand for Workout which doesn't seem to make much sense.

  2. Good luck! I wish I could run but I would probably fall to the ground for breath after a block. You should post some pictures of the apt and your kids!!