Monday, November 15, 2010


I do not know if my experience with doctors in Florida is the norm. If so, I'm sorry for all the people who live here and put up with poor customer service and cranky workers.

I've been to a family practice doc, the orthopedist (3 times), and now a pediatrician. I've had to wait more than an hour past my appointment time to see the doctor, who said no more than 12 words to me, didn't answer any questions, and bolted from the room before I could even clarify any instructions.

I miss arriving at my appointment 10 minutes early, getting called in 2 minutes before my appointment time, having a nice conversation with the nurse, seeing the doctor who asks questions, listens to answers, and then waits around for me to process the info. And then I get out of the clinic in less than an hour, feeling like I was listened to, respected, and actually treated.

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