Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camp Wannaplay

The kids are going to Camp Wannaplay this summer. The first session was today.

First of all, it's been raining for two or three days, so I wasn't sure this morning of fun was going to happen. It meets at the park, and everything was soaking wet & muddy. So, I get online this morning to find the phone number and am greatly disturbed that I can't find any information about Camp Wannaplay on the Community Ed web page. "Gosh, did they cancel it without telling anyone?" So, I call the CommEd phone number, leave a message, and wait impatiently for someone to call back. About 20 minutes later someone did, and she very nicely informed me that Camp Wannaplay is not a Community Ed program; it's through Parks & Rec, and she gave me their number. We met in the Pavilion building instead of some random grassy knoll.

The kids loved it! I have to stay because Jamey isn't 3 yet, but I mostly sat on the side and watched them interact with the other kids and teachers. They played games, colored, sang a couple songs, and ran around like wild banshees. It was great!

I've noticed that Jamey gets pretty shy in new places or around new people. So, he needs a little "Mommy help" when he feels overwhelmed. He really did latch on to one of the teachers though. He sat next to her for every game and held her hand every chance he could.

Ivy is still singing "I'm bringing home a little bumble bee" and said everyone was silly for saying "duck duck grey duck." She matter-of-factly said, "It's duck, duck, goose. Those crazy teachers."


  1. Bless her. It is DUCK. Gray duck people are poopyheads.

  2. BAH. It is GOOOOOOSE. GOOOSE. I guess I'm the poopyhead. :-(