Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Things I loved about 2012

A friend is posting her "top 12 things in 2012" and it looks like fun. Like her, these are in no particular order. :)

12. Marian's Family Reunion: It was super fun to see my cousins and aunts & uncles. We had 4 fun-filled days of laughing.

11. Ivy starting kindergarten: she says her favorite part of school is gym and friends. I love her teachers.

10. Spending time with the Stones: It was great having Jeremy's sister & her kids here for a couple weeks this summer. And then we spent two weeks with them in Florida. Lots of awesome cousin time!

9. I finished my first and perhaps only half marathon. It was very hard work, and I'm still not sure I enjoyed it. But I did it.

8. I lost 17 pounds. That puts me closer to my goal. (never mind if I gained a couple pounds over the holidays) And here's to more hard work. Maybe another half marathon to keep me motivated. :)

7. Spending fun times with the neighbors over the summer.

6. Many many days at Valley Fair and the MN Zoo.

5. Date Night!!

4. Downton Abbey. Seriously.

3. All the days we got to spend with my family. And the few days Ivy & Jamey got to spend up there.

2. Bethany living with us has been good. It's fun to hang out with her, and the kids love her.

1. Watching all Jeremy's races and the kids' swimming lessons. And all the bike rides, walks, days at the pool. Chutes & Ladders, Memorial Park, Kid Night at Lakefront Park, and hiking around Murphy Hanrehan.

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