Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies as much as I love Christmas music. Here are some that we have or have seen.

Frosty the Snowman/Frosty Returns
Ivy cried when Frosty melted in the greenhouse. She says she doesn't want to watch it ever again.

Charlie Brown Christmas
They watched it on TV and didn't like it enough to stick through the commercials.

The Grinch (old and new)
We've had the "new" Grinch movie for a couple years. This is the first time the kids have liked it. In fact, when the "old" Grinch movie was on the other night, Ivy pointed out the many differences and wanted to watch the "real" one.

I don't know that the kids had an opinion. They really only want to watch the "New Grinch."

Muppet Christmas Carol
This is my favorite. I don't care what the kids say. We're watching it! :)

Santa Clause 1-3
The first and second ones are fun to watch. The kids like them. The third one is kind of d-u-m-b (because we don't say stupid).

It's a Wonderful Life
I have to be in the right mood, and Jeremy has to be out of the house. He doesn't like this one at all. I do love George Bailey!

Miracle on 34th Street
Oh dear. I do like this, but I have to force myself to turn it on. So I don't very often.

A Christmas Story
I don't get it. We have it, but I don't really like it. Seems sacrilegious to say that coming from my generation, but it's true. I think Jeremy likes this one, though.

Christmas Vacation
My second favorite! She's a beaut, Clark.

Fred Clause

White Christmas
Third favorite! 

Funny. Funny. Funny.

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