Monday, May 6, 2013

The massive embarrassment of crying in the school office

I've had a rough couple days knowing that Ivy was going to visit 1st grade today. All the kids got to visit the school they'll be going to next year and have hot lunch. Talk about exciting!! It's all Ivy could talk about for days.

I cried in Target last night telling Jeremy about it.

She's going to be gone next year ALL day (8:30-3). She's practically as tall as I am. She says such funny grown-up things (like "Just so you know, I put the Oxy-Clean in the laundry room.")

At school drop off this afternoon, I was in the office getting Livy and Jamey (who ADORE Miss Angie). We chatted about how busy school was because preschoolers were also visiting kindergarten. I said something as inane as "I can't even think about Ivy in 1st grade" and I just started crying.

I felt like a mess, but she was very nice about it. She did warn me that the kindergartners will sing a "song guaranteed to make me cry" at graduation.

A fun part of this is that we have a game that hugs and kisses make kids grow up. So while I tease the kids that I'm never giving them any more hugs & kisses, they make a big deal out of kissing their own arms or each other so they'll keep growing.

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