Monday, May 6, 2013


My Grandma Elness (or Grandma Marian, or as my kids call her Great-Grandma) recently sent my kids a letter. It reminded me of all the cards and letters I got from her as a kid. 

She is experiencing dementia and will be moving into a memory care center soon. We're going up to Alexandria to see her this weekend. I've been thinking about her more the last couple weeks and came up with a list of my favorite memories with her. 
  • Birthday boxes decorated with magazine pictures
  • my Cabbage Patch doll
  • Barbie clothes and countless other doll clothes & blankets
  • Doing her hair and make up
  • My trip to California in Dec 1994: Crystal Cathedral, driving around in the big brown van looking at Christmas lights, going to the beach, the Scandinavian shop, making sausage, picking oranges off her trees, and singing in the church choir with her
  • I think of Grandma every time I have a cup of coffee
  • Making lefse
  • Grandma has always had hundreds of pictures hanging on the walls and sitting on tables. I love having pictures out too.
She used to sing this song to us when we were really little. I only could remember the first line, so I had to do some searching on the internet. I have no idea what this is about in English. :) 

Ride Ride Ranke
Ride Ride Ranke
Hesten heter blanke
Hvor skal vi ride
til Kongsgard a fri
til ei lita pike
hva skal hun hete
Jomfru Margrethe
Den tykke og den fete
der er ingen hjemme
uten to sma hunder
som ligger under benken
og gnager pa lenken
Den lille sier Voff, Voff
Den store sier Voff, Voff, Voff.

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