Thursday, August 29, 2013

All healed up

It's been three weeks since Jamey's surgery. That first week, we tried to keep him down as much as possible. I arranged play dates for Ivy so she wouldn't be here begging Jamey to play, but even without her here, we were hard-pressed to keep him in front of the TV for long. He didn't want to watch movies, play cars, read books--he wanted to ride bike and run around outside.

He did have a couple rough nights. He woke up crying, so we gave him more medicine, let him suck on ice, and even put an ice pack on his throat. But that was only two nights (not even two nights in a row).

He started eating really well in the hospital, so he ate scrambled eggs and PediaSure for a few days. He was eager to eat real food though.

He's all healed up and doing well!

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  1. I am so glad everything went practically perfect!! It is funny after the fact how freaked out we were before. Our babies!!

    Have you noticed sleep improvement?