Friday, August 9, 2013

Jamey got his tonsils out

After consulting with the Pediatric ENT (Dr. Todd Anderson at Park Nicollet in Shakopee), we decided to have Jamey's tonsils and adenoids out. Surgery was up at Methodist Hospital on Thursday morning.

We got up a little earlier than normal (6 am) to avoid every single highway in the Twin Cities area--everything is under construction, and it's nearly impossible to get North of the River.

Just leaving our street. He was pretty nervous, so I hopped in the back with him.

Walking into the hospital

We checked in to the Surgery Center, got a pager and lots of instructions, and then went up to the 2nd floor to get ready and talk with the doctors. 

Getting changed. Jamey was super excited about the slippers. 

Showing off his gown or "jammie dress"

A nurse brought him in about 20 Toy Story and Spiderman stickers.

A fun balloon to take into surgery

Sitting in the chair with a warm blanket, chatting it up with everyone who came in

Even his puppy got a wrist band

A little while before the nurses took him back for surgery, they gave him a sedative. He was HILARIOUS! He couldn't walk to the bathroom, and then he was singing and kind of rolling around. And he had no idea we couldn't understand anything he was saying. 

After surgery, we talked to the doctor. Everything went well--easy peasy. We went back to the waiting room while he woke up. Then we met him up in the hospital room.

As he was getting rolled into the room.

All the nurses said he was super sweet. When he asked for popsicles the first time, he asked for two so he could give one to Ivy. 

His first food--yellow jello and orange sherbet

Hanging out

Walking the IV pole on his own. 
I went home mid-afternoon to get Jeremy's bike stuff ready for the morning and to take the girls to swimming lessons. My mom stayed with them and then stayed later on Friday to help out. 

I missed out on all the fun visits--and we lucked out because the puppy and the clown visits are on Thursdays.

Jamey loved Charlie!!

The first thing after I got back to the hospital on Friday morning, Jamey walked me down to the Play Room to pick out a few toys to play with. 

Watching Monsters Inc while we wait for breakfast

We got to go home much earlier than I expected. The doctor came in while we were waiting for breakfast and said we could go home anytime. He was so bored and was very excited to go home.

He took a long bath when we got home and after lunch we walked over to the park. He rode in the stroller and was supposed to stay on the swing or on the bench, but he really had a hard time staying still. 

Resting a little.

He is doing really well. Eating some food and drinking lots of juice and sucking lots and lots of popsicles. He was super happy to get out of the house and to have his little neighbor friends visit him. He did practically fall asleep during dinner, so we got jammies on and he was sleeping by 6:15. It's going to be hard to keep him down for a few days to heal and rest up. 

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  1. I am SO glad everything went perfectly!! I totally forgot about the gown that they hook up to the air mattress pump!! That was Hannah's favorite. I was jealous because it was SO warm. I wanted one!!