Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bored Blogging

It's like drunk dialing.

I have nothing interesting to say. There's nothing more to read or do or look at on the internet. Jeremy is playing some racing game, and I'm tired of watching movies. I'm even all House-d out. The kids are sleeping. I should be stitching. But here I sit with my glass of milk and a cookie and my computer.

Jamey bites. All the time. I have started cringing when he's nursing because I know sooner or later those little razor blade teeth are going to try to cut my nipple right off. And now I think he's using biting as a cue that he's done. When he bites, I take it out of his mouth. Has he learned that that's what he should do? If he keeps biting I don't know if I'll continue much beyond one year. I'd quit now if I didn't have to buy formula. Except I'll miss it. I wish Ivy still nursed. I love all that sweet cuddle time. So I'll keep it up for a few more months and see where we're at.

I should be going in for a face-to-face interview for a contract position this week. It'd just be working on short projects here and there, but the extra money would be nice. I wonder how to charge: hourly or by project?

I'm starting to think about Christmas shopping. A challenge to that is that we have six family birthdays in October and November. But I have some shopping done already, and ideas for a few other gifts.

I have LOADS of ideas for the kids and Jeremy. Now I need an unlimited supply of money so I don't have to pick. :)

Off to find something for Ezra's birthday.

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