Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Doing Things "Right"

I joined the Y last week. And I like taking the kids to swim or "play with friends" in the afternoons. I like quiet mornings to do baths, breakfast, chores, AM nap. All the parenting info I read says that kids should be active right away in the morning. Why? I don't know. To help balance out their huge pool of energy. To get the day off to a good start. To keep them eating well. It's like the church advocating doing devotions in the morning before your day starts so you can focus on Christ all day. Or fitness gurus telling you to get up and run first thing in the morning.

I hate exercising in the morning. I can't focus on reading while the kitchen floor is filthy. And I hate rushing in the morning to get the kids to the pool. So I don't do life in the order that the experts tell me to, but it's great this way. I can go to a fitness class at 4:15 when I've hit the wall and am ready for Daddy to come home. Jamey isn't awake long enough in the morning to justify going out. We get long stretches in the afternoons and evenings to do activities. I'm picking up a devo book to do at dinner or bedtime, because it's the only time we're all home.

This is one time I'm telling the experts to shove it. Our life works great like this, and I love it.

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