Tuesday, October 20, 2009

what's going on?

You know a tv show is good if you can start Facebooking and blogging while you watch. :) The Biggest Loser could be a radio show.

We're keeping ourselves busy these days. The Arks came over the other day. Ivy loves Maia! And those twins are so adorable. And we've visited Baby Sonny who is also growing and growing.

We are looking at joining the new YMCA in Prior Lake. We went swimming during the open house over the weekend. Now we have a three-day pass. I dropped the kids off at the kids place and got in 70 minutes on the treadmill and elliptical machine before I got called down there. Jamey was pretty sad, and Ivy needed a new tushie. I was thrilled to get that time alone! I'm going to try to get to a class tomorrow and then take the kiddos swimming.

Jamey pulled up to standing the other day ... twice. And he's gotten from lying on the floor to sitting. Just a couple times. Oh! And he's getting up on his hands and knees all the time and rocking. I think he'll be crawling by Thanksgiving.

Speaking of which, we are going to Miami for a week or so. I'm so excited to see the Stones and watch the kids play together.

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