Saturday, January 9, 2010

What a surprise!

On Wednesday, I had the kids in the bath. It's really fun to watch them play in the water together. Ivy likes to pour water on Jamey's head. He likes to stand up constantly. They fight over who gets to sit by the faucet and who gets the pink pacifier. And over which wash cloth is whose.

Ivy could and often does play in the water for close to an hour--at least until it gets cold. Jamey, on the other hand, wants to splash a bit, get cleaned, and get on to other business.

I got him out, toweled and lotioned. Mmmm. I love smell of baby lotion! I put him down in the living room so he wouldn't try to throw himself back in the tub while I was getting Ivy out. As I was pulling Ivy's shirt over her head, Jamey crawled into the bathroom. Very pleased!

He crawled all the way up the stairs all on his own!! It was spectacular! He's a stair-crawling man now. He's so happy to be able to go with us, and I love not having to carry him all the time. And he's so little. It's so cute to see him standing on the steps.

Now to teach him to go down.

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