Monday, January 18, 2010

Working Girl

So, it looks like I'll be "going" back to work.

Someone found me on LinkedIn, suggested I email someone else who wanted a technical writer to work off-site part time. That's my dream job--staying home with the kiddos, sitting at the computer for a few hours a week, and bringing home Coffee Money. :)

I was really excited going in to the interview last week. When I left, I was less excited and thought about turning it down. But then I figured, "what the heck? It'll be good for me to have something else to do."

Besides cleaning, laundry, cooking, kids, activities, play dates, the zoo, shopping, stitching, scrap booking, getting my girlie figure back, and spending countless hours playing Scrabble on Facebook.


  1. That sounds great! Part-time I would do especially if it was out of my own home. Are you doing much scrapbooking these days? I need to get back in a groove.

  2. Yeah, I think it'll be okay. I'm waiting to hear on the final approval for my rate. If it was too high for them, I don't really care. But then again, it'd be nice to have some spare moola laying around. I'm dying for a day at Aveda!

    I haven't done much scrap booking since Jamey was born. But I did just do my Christmas pages for this year. And I'm heading up to my mom's house for a week in Feb to hide in the basement to scrap while she watches the kiddos. :)

  3. Hey! I just saw this - they liked you then? How many hours a week will you be working and how will you find the time to do it? At night? I'm sure the extra cash will be awesome. What kinds of things will you be writing?

  4. Yeah, I guess so. I think the first couple weeks I'll spend a few afternoons in their office in EP. After that, I'll just do the writing at home.

    So what it is: a company that makes MRI, CT scan and x-ray machines. I'll be writing software manuals and quick reference guides for the technicians, radiologists and referring doctors. They don't have any or much documentation right now, so I have to spend some time talking to the engineers to figure out how the software works and then I get to do the writing from the comfort of my own basement. They're giving me a laptop so I can VPN and don't have to worry about their info on my computer.

    I think I'll end up doing 10-15 hours a week. Mostly in the evenings or during naps. 10 hours isn't much. 15 would be pushing it.