Saturday, May 29, 2010

A sad happy day

I walked into the dealership in Brooklyn Center after about two years of test driving cars, knowing exactly what I wanted. I drove out about two hours later with my Santa Fe. It had 14 miles on it, including the seven from my test drive.

And now it's gone. Sold to a college kid who's ecstatic to have his own vehicle big enough to haul everything in his dorm room and a bike.

I have tucked every insurance card into my "to scrap book" bin, and I said a tearful good bye on my last drive. That was the first car I bought myself. I think Jeremy and I drove it on our first date; it hauled our wedding gifts to the house from Osakis; we brought the kiddos home from the hospital in it.

It'll be weird walking out the garage and not ever seeing it again. But soon, in it's place will sit a hot new car. Maybe a minivan or maybe an SUV or maybe a Vespa. Can I get car seats on a scooter?

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