Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting to MN

It was so good to be in Minnesota again. We stepped off the plane at 10:45 am in jeans and short sleeve shirts and immediately started shivering. I can't believe how cold 45 degrees feels after six weeks of no temps lower than 70.

The plane ride was horrific. Ivy sat still for 45 minutes, declared she didn't like the Princess Movie, and proceeded to Tag Team Cry with Jamey the remaining three hours of the flight. Thankfully, the plane was EMPTY and the flight attendants were helpful. My kids ate 8 packets of fruit snacks, 3 breakfast bars, 4 glasses of milk, a ziploc bag of cheerios, a ziploc bag of goldfish, 12 bags of airplane pretzels, 4 bags of airplane cookies, and an entire pack of gum. And they still managed to cry the entire flight.

When I reserved the rental car, I picked something that was big enough for four people and two suitcases. I figured if they were advertising a car would fit four adults, it would fit two adults and two car seats. However, two Britax Boulevards will not fit in the back seat of a Ford Focus or a Ford Fusion. We ended up with a bright blue Dodge Journey. Driving in Minnesota was wonderful! I know where everything is; I didn't need the GPS, and I could even change routes when line painting on 494 caused traffic problems.

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