Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jamey's 15-month appt

Our boy is 26 pounds and 33 inches.

When I knew we'd be back in MN for bridal showers, I scheduled Jamey's 15-month appt with our regular pediatrician. I'm dreading the task of finding a doctor in Florida.

Ivy went shopping with Bethany during the appt mostly because she had fallen asleep in the car.

I enjoyed seeing Dr. Aronson and Nurse Sarah. And when Ivy came to pick us up, she ran back and gave Sarah a huge hug and even chatted with the Dr. for a few minutes.

I'm thankful for a great relationship with the clinic, and maybe I'll think of a reason to go back in Sept so we can do Ivy's 3 year and Jamey's 18 mo appts there too. :)

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