Monday, August 16, 2010

My boy has shoes!

Jamey is 18-months old, as of last week. Until a month ago, he only wore the Robeez soft sole shoes. In part because I love Robeez, they're versatile, they're not expensive, and they're good for learning how to walk. The other reason is that Jamey's feet are still so "baby chubby" that I haven't found a shoe that fits him--you know, if his whole foot fit inside the shoe enough for it to velcro shut, it was about six inches too long. So, soft soles or barefoot it's been. About a month ago, I picked him up some light-up Toy Story shoes at Target. He loves them! But it's a pain to get them on, and when we pry them off, his poor feet are all red and creased. But he can't go barefoot all the time. He trips and his toes are all bloody and mangled.

We took a trip to the Stride Rite store this morning to have his feet measured and pick him up some real shoes. And now he won't take them off. I tried. He screamed and flailed and pointed until I put the shoes back on. I guess he likes them!


  1. Stride Rite is the only kind Hannah can wear. Her feet still measure at a WW. I don't think it is baby-chub anymore! Thank you Genetics.

    It makes "dress-up" hard... purple Crocs don't always cut it! & I refuse to spend $45 on a pair of white shoes for Easter Sunday... :/

  2. Oh - and try this site:

    My friend, Jill, sells them. You can find them at most kid-shoe stores. I think Stride-Rite stores carry them...