Thursday, August 19, 2010

a diagnosis

I've just returned from the orthopedist with orders to rest my ankle as much as possible or I get a cast at my follow-up appointment in Oct. He said he doesn't trust that I'll stay off it.

When I got fitted for my running shoes, the guy at the store said that most likely I'd hurt the tendon that runs down the inside of my ankle and across my foot. The ortho said he was right. So, I'm diagnosed with Tibialis Posterior Tendon. I have three or four months' worth of Naproxin, and I'm changing my workout routine.

Instead of running/elliptical (because I haven't been running in about a month anyway), I'm going to either swim laps in our 30 foot pool (gross) or just do weights. And I'll bike.

I think the trip to MN will be good for my ankle. Who exercises on vacation anyway?


  1. Maybe you can have a TPT member drive. "Without your contributions I could not afford to keep providing you the kind of content you have grown to expect"

  2. Aww what a bummer!!! I hope it heals quickly, especially since you're planning all these runs.

  3. Here's hoping I'm good to know at my follow up in Oct. We're registering for the ING 1/2 marathon at the end of Jan '11, and then we're looking at a 1/2 ironman in Nov '11. I have my eyes on the 2012 Twin Cities Marathon!