Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Post a Day?

I have a lofty goal of blogging every day. If I can get with the program, I'd like to even post pictures. Until then, I'm going to be satisfied with maybe once a week.

We have 10 days until we leave for Minnesota. Now that we have this awesome new van, I've thought, "I can bring the bike, the burley, my scrap booking stuff, and we can make a bed in the back" (because we're driving the whole 30 hours without stopping). That's another story to blog about when it's over. But now we have to do it, because we're picking up my sister in Minneapolis at 8:15 Sunday morning.

I have now spent a bit of time in the back of the van, and we will not be bringing the bike or burley or making a bed. I am, however, bringing my scrap booking stuff. I need to buy some shoes for Jamey.


  1. A post a day, it will be great!

  2. Why have you been spending a bit of time in the back of the van?? That's...strange.

  3. We had a picnic in the car the other day. Kids were tired & cranky & very hungry, so we didn't want to do in anywhere, and instead of eating in our seats, we put the back seat down and had a picnic all together. We were making a memory. :)

  4. Ah, Jamey, remember that one time when we lived in our mini van? I guess we were too poor to have a house or something. But I remember mommy was REALLY happy! That was the year she cut off your curl & you lost all your strength. Remember?

    I LOVE YOU! & about 45 minutes before I read your blog, I said "I should attempt to blog or post a picture every day for a month"!!! Great minds think alike. ;)