Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sherpa Report: Lakefront Days Tri

I'm copying Steve in a Speedo's Sherpa Report because this isn't really a race review.

Jeremy & Bethany did the Lakefront Days Triathlon last weekend. You can read Jeremy's race review, too.

The race is at Cleary Park about four miles from our house. We had planned to get the kids up and all drive over together. But we had been up late, and the kids were PASSED OUT at 6am. So Jeremy and Bethany biked over.

I told myself, "I need to be there by 8, so I can leave at 7:45." That was too late. We got there as Bethany started and missed seeing them until she came out of the water.

Auntie Bethany running so fast!

Again, Jeremy had the FASTEST swim time out of all the racers.

While we waited for them to bike, the organizers blasted some rockin' tunes. 

After the dance session, the kids found a tiny little grey mouse.

Jeremy was so fast on the bike, that we missed him. I saw him fly into transition and said, "Whoops! There's Daddy!" We need to get him a bright yellow helmet to match his handlebars.

There's Bethany on the bike.

Jeremy heading to the finish. I didn't let Ivy run out with him because he was trying to win his age group. 

Bethany's finish!

Looking excited to be done :) 

This might be my favorite race. I love that it's so close to home. I love that the park is small but not crowded. Transition is set up perfectly, so we can see the swim, transition and finish without traipsing all over the place or rushing around like an idiot. The music is great! It makes the whole wait upbeat and fun. Plus they had yummy snacks. Nothing like Gatorade and cookies after a "long" wait. :)

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